Summer Sausage

I was slicing a piece of summer sausage. But it was different this time. As I was getting ready to eat, Deb was across town, at her job….and fasting….not eating.

My wife, Deb works for the city. But she wears a hat that only partially fits. The job she does is a good one, but her passion is to be able to write full-time. She shared with me that she has been fasting for a couple of days. She’s asking God to let her know if she is supposed to spend the rest of her life writing grants and running community programs or if God wants her to give her time exclusively to writing.

Understand that Deb is a writer. I do a fair amount of writing myself but for me, it’s something I do….for her….it’s something she is. There’s a difference.

So, as I was enjoying the savory flavor of my summer sausage, I thought of Deb. And I prayed, “God, let her know….show her a sign….give her the message, loud and clear. You have called her to write, to weave words into tapestries….to make words dance on the page….get people to think and live, love and laugh.”

“May her sentences be like symphonies, her paragraphs like plowshares. Help her to soothe hurts with the music of her phrases but help her also to break us open like new earth where seeds can be planted, crops harvested and starving people fed.”

“Bless me in the eating of this sausage and bless Deb in the hungering of her soul.”

In Jesus name, Amen

About Gary Cleveland

An old chunk of coal waiting to become a diamond some day. I spend the bulk of my time focused on spiritual development. I teach, preach and stand by the hurting and wounded. I believe our heavenly Father offers us daily opportunities to discover who we are and what we can yet become. I serve as a bringer of good news in and around the city of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
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1 Response to Summer Sausage

  1. Steve Erbach says:

    » May her sentences be like symphonies, her paragraphs like plowshares. «

    Dear Lord, May our beloved preacher be blessed with a literary divining rod to enable him to find parallel metaphors when he offers up prayers of supplication. Amen.

    Just teasing, Gary!

    Steve Erbach
    Neenah, WI

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